Family Hesperiidae

Small butterflies with thick bodies, small wings (2-4 cm wing spans) and hook-tipped antennae. There are 37 species in Manitoba. Most of their host plants (caterpillar food) are native grasses.

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Family Papilionidae

Large, brightly coloured butterflies with tails on their hind wings (wing spans to 10 cm). Six species have been found in Manitoba, but only 4 are year-round residents. Swallowtail host plants vary with the species.

Whites and Sulphurs

Family Pieridae

Medium-sized butterflies (wing spans to 6 cm). Twenty species are found in the province. Their host plants are mainly wild mustards or legumes.

Blues, Coppers and Hairstreaks

Family Lycaenidae

Tiny butterflies (wing spans to 3 cm). There are 29 species in Manitoba. Their host plants vary with the species and the caterpillars often eat just the seeds or flowers of the host plants.

Brush-footed Butterflies

Family Nymphalidae

Small to large butterflies (wing spans 4-10 cm) with tiny front legs. They look like they have only 4 legs. This diverse group of 63 species includes Fritillaries, Anglewings, Admirals, Satyrs, Arctics and the Monarch. Their host plants vary with the species.

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