Hall of Fame

Welcome to NatureNorth's Supporter's Hall of Fame. This is where we get to say "Thank-You", to all the people who think Nature North is worth supporting! We'll work hard to keep giving you the best of Manitoba's nature, on the web.

Our Supporters


Bill Elliot, Winnipeg, Manitoba Lauralou Cicierski, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Lynn Crawford, Cudahy, Wisconsin Barb Haffner, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Nic Devine, Winnipeg, Manitoba Lydia Penner, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Lyne Braun, Winnipeg, Manitoba Katharine Schulz, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Marlene Mutch, Winnipeg, Manitoba Teed Rockwell, Berkeley, California
Margaret and Garry Schaefer, Winnipeg, Manitoba Jack Larcombe, Winnipeg, Manitoba
N. Heule, Brampton, Ontario Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Biggs, Frostburg, Maryland
Lucille Verrier, Winnipeg, Manitoba Robert Howe, Green Bay, Wisconsin
David Nesius, Kalamzoo, Michigan Harry Hersh, Burlington Ontario  
Erin Clear, Darwin School, Winnipeg, MB Tannis Zimmer, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Lucia Sch├╝tz, Sauerlach Germany
Shirley Bartz, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Gary Nafis, Tacoma, Washington Daniel Cetkovski, Winnipeg, MB
William Murphy, Washburn, Wisconsin Lynn Crawford, Cudahy, Wisconsin
Nghia Vuong, Mountain View, California, USA M Elaine Murphy, Daly City, California
Gerald Beaudoin, Havelock, Quebec Edward Mahood, Narol Manitoba
Les McCann, Headingley, MB Robert Amerongen, Fort Mcmurray, AB
Richard Williams, Unknown location Adriano Valentin, Unknown location
Michelle A. Mico, Winnipeg Chenoa Seed, Cavalier, North Dakota
Catherine A Coss, Warren, Mb Chan Yee xuan, Singapore
Gordon Carson, from parts unknown Bryan Johnson, from parts unkown
Rayna Duncalfe, Winnipeg, Manitoba Mark Kulchycki, Winnipeg
Jo-Anne Joyce, Winnipeg, Manitoba Christopher Clubb, Toronto
Robert McLeod, parts unknown David Baumgartner, parts unknown
Groups / Schools  
Divisional Media Centre, Assiniboine School Division #3, Winnipeg, Manitoba Your School? Do you make use of NatureNorth? Then how about becoming a supporter?
Laidlaw School, Winnipeg, Manitoba  
Prairie Shore Botanicals, Gardenton, Mb

[Hmm, looks like we could use more supporters. How about you?]

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