A Guide To The Tracks Of Some Manitoba Mammals

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In the navigation bar above, click on the "name of the family" of mammals whose tracks you would like to see, or click on "Images" to choose from pictures representing the animal families, or click on "Prints" to select from pictures of the tracks representing each family. The guide is arranged taxonomically with families of animals grouped together. It consists of a typical foot print for each family (hind & front foot, if warranted), together with a line of tracks displaying the typical gait of that group. Information on print size (length x width) and stride length (distance from 1 set of prints to the next) are included so you can differentiate between species within that family.

Remember, this is not a complete guide to the tracks of Manitoba mammals. It's just something to get you started! We didn't include any small mammals (mice, voles, shrews, etc.), nor most of the critters that hibernate or aren't very active above the snow surface. We'll try to update it and include more species later.