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The Flora and Fauna of Star Lake

StarUNDER CONSTRUCTION - 108 plant species listed so far, lots more coming soon!


I spend a lot of time wandering around Star Lake with my camera slung around my neck. And I have it handy when I'm just sitting in my yard or inside by a window. I thought it was about time to put together a showcase and guide to some of the amazing flora and fauna of our part of Whiteshell Park.

The southeast corner of Manitoba, including Whiteshell Provincial Park, holds the greatest biodiversity in our province. More species of plants and animals occur here than anywhere else in Manitoba. The goal of these pages is not to list them all! Rather, it is to give you a taste what the Star Lake area has to offer and to help you learn to identify some of the most common plants and animals! And, hopefully, get more folks turned on to the amazing biodiversity that surrounds us.

Click on the links below. I'm keeping the layout simple (mainly to make it easier for me to add new stuff!). Where possible I'll include some links to other sources within and other sites on the internet. I hope you'll enjoy this site and, please, feel free to contribute to it! (Doug C.)

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