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Events and Issues facing Star Lake

A couple of important issues this spring:

June 3 Update - Fire hazard is HIGH again in the Whiteshell, please be extra-careful in the park. There has been some rain, but this week's extreme warm weather will dry things out quickly.

Bears, bears, bears! Lots of bear sightings and activity being reported, too. The dry spring has made foraging difficult for the bears so they are hungry and human food and garbage is very tempting for them. Be Bear-Smart and download this booklet from Manitoba: Whiteshell Cottagers Assoc. - Bear Smart a 324 Kb PDF booklet from Manitoba Wildlife Branch.

Keep up-to-date on the fire situation on the Whiteshell Cottager's Website and Manitoba Conservation and Climate's Wildfire Service which includes an interactive map of current fires: FireView 2021. And let's all pray for rain! Hopefully Mother Nature will be providing some rain this coming week, hopefully it will be enough.

June 1 - Parks has applied dust control treatments to the cottage roads at Star Lake! Thanks, guys, it makes a big difference!

Boat launch at the public beach - the state of the boat launch ramp remains an issue. Parks added gravel to the end of the concrete slabs last year. Inconsiderate boaters "power-loading" their boats back onto trailers last fall blew the gravel away leaving a deep drop off at the end of the slabs and a pile of gravel nearly reaching the surface a few meters back from the hole. Use extreme caution if launching boats (now that the ice is off the lake) and refrain from "power-loading" in the future.

Dangerous Mine Shaft - one of the old mine shafts up the road south of Star Lake is partially open, again. Someone has been damaging the surrounding fence and opened a large access hole. I brought this up with Parks last summer. Hopefully it's on their "to do" list to repair.

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StarEvents at Star Lake

Star Lake Days - hopefully back in 2021!

Meteor Days - hopefully back in 2021!

Beaver Days - hopefully back in 2022!

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Information about Events

StarIssues Facing Star Lake

In this section I want to raise issues that may impact cottagers at Star Lake. For now, these are just topics to think about. I'm going to post some of my own thoughts later on, but I'd welcome your input/feedback.

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Ideas for the Issues Section

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Star Very SmallSome things to think about:

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Star Very SmallAnd, please remember, the way to deal with any issue, controversy or complaint is through communication, consideration and respect for others.

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