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StarNEW: The Flora and Fauna of Star Lake!

Follow the link above to see some of the amazing plants and animals found around Star Lake and the southern part of Whiteshell Provincial Park.

Some information to share?

If you have information that you think belongs here, please forward it to me via email at this address: Send Information About Star Lake. If, upon review, the information is correct and appropriate for this site it may be posted here. You must be willing to have your name listed and credited for any submissions. Some basic information about Star Lake and Whiteshell Provincial Park is below. (More coming soon.)

StarImportant Local Contacts

Here's some contact information pertinent to Star Lake. If there's others you think should be here use the link above to make a suggestion.

Manitoba Parks recommends that our first line of contact for all issues ought to be our Whiteshell Park Specialist:

Joanne Podolchuk, Park Specialist
Manitoba Parks Environment, Climate and Parks
Box 4000 Lac du Bonnet, MB R0E 1A0
T 204-792-3503 F 204-345-1415

Email: Joanne Podolchuk, Park Specialist

Remember: Call 911 for all emergencies! RCMP Falcon Lake Website
Parks Office Falcon Lake: 1-204-349-2201, General Delivery, Falcon Lake, MB R0E 0N0
SE Whiteshell Fire Department Website Whiteshell Provincial Park Website
Whiteshell Cottagers' Association Website  
Conservation Officer, Nathan Kroeger: (204) 349-6018, Box 40 Falcon Lake, MB, R0E 0N0
Turn in Poachers Line: 1-800-782-0076  
Honourable Jeff Wharton, Minister of Environment, Climate and Parks: (204) 945-3730,
Rob Nedotiafko, Director, Parks and Protected Spaces:
Keith Hood, South Whiteshell Park District Manager: (204) 349-6015

Manitoba Highways, Steinbach Regional Office (204) 346-6266 - to report highway issues: road conditions, blocked culverts, etc.

Resources from Manitoba Parks

Manitoba Parks Webinars - informative presentations from Park Interpreters, made during the pandemic restrictions. Worth a look!Star Very Small

Permanent Resident Notification - download this PDF regarding emergency notices and evacuations.

StarThe Human and Natural History of Star Lake

(These sections will be expanded into separate pages later on as more information is posted.)

Human History of Star Lake Star Very Small

(Human history: Indigenous peoples, early settlers, commercial activities, establishment of the Park and cottage development, etc.)

To get started read the: History and Folklore of the Whiteshell Park South by Olive Zimmerman (A great resource!). Click here to download a PDF version of the book (180 Mb) or you can view it online at the U of M's Digital Collections.

(The U of M's Digital Collections lets you search within the document. Use quotes, " ", around a phrase to search for that phrase specifically. For example: to find all references to Star Lake, enter "Star Lake" into the search box. )

Also on the U of M's Digital Collections: History and Folklore of the Whiteshell Park North by Anne Cott. You can view it online at the U of M's Digital Collections.

GeologyStar Very Small

Star Lake has some really cool geology, and an interesting history of mining! I'm still wading through the information I've found, but here's a number of good resources:

LimnologyStar Very Small (The nature of the lake itself!)

Star Lake is a medium-sized shallow lake, covering about 150 hectares, with a maximum depth of only about 6 m (if you don't count a few meters of organic muck at the bottom!). Here's some resources:

EcologyStar Very Small(Star Lake is in the region of Manitoba with the highest biodiversity. Our flora and fauna is amazing!)

StarNEW: The Flora and Fauna of Star Lake!

Star Lake in Whiteshell Provincial Park lies within the "Lake of the Woods" district of the "Boreal Shield Ecoregion". This district contains the highest biodiversity found in Manitoba, owing to the confluence of a number of biogeographical systems.

This district contains elements of the Boreal Forest, the Great Lakes St Lawrence Forest and the Tall Grass Prairies. Overall the biodiversity of this region is poorly documented (I continue to find plant and animal species around Star Lake that have not previously been recorded in Manitoba and are often hard to identify as they are not contained in any local accounts of flora and fauna - Doug C.)

Some good resources:

StarYou can help gather information on Manitoba's biodiversity!

Visit, sign up and add in records of the plants and animals you encounter.

Visit the Manitoba-based sections: Go Wild Manitoba | Manitoba Herps Atlas

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