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If you have information that you think belongs here, please forward it to me via email at this address: Information about Star Lake. If, upon review, the information is correct and appropriate for this site it may be posted here. You must be willing to have your name listed and credited for any submissions. Thanks.

For some basic information about Star Lake and Whiteshell Provincial Park select from these categories:

History of Star Lake (Human history: Indigenous peoples, early settlers, commercial activities, establishment of the Park and cottage development, etc. Coming soon.)

To get you started you can read the "History and Folklore of the Whiteshell Park South by Olive Zimmerman". Click this link to download a PDF version of the book (180 Mb) or you can view it online at the U of M's Digital Collections.

Flora and Fauna (Star Lake is in the region of Manitoba with the highest biodiversity. Our flora and fauna is amazing! Coming soon.)

Geology (Star Lake has some really cool geology, and an interesting history of mining! Coming soon.)

Limnology (The nature of the lake itself! Coming soon.)

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