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Letters to Parks from cottagers opposed to mining at Star Lake

From: Bert Denouden

To: Joanne Podolchuk Park Specialist

Sent: Sunday, April 10, 2022, Subject: Star Lake Mining

Good day, my thoughts on allowing mining in our back yard at Star Lake. Why is it that the province feels they can allow use of park lands any way they perceive without giving notice to everyone who would be affected by such decisions?

Last year the province was going to give land access for cabin based business use.

We, cabin owners and park users had to challenge the province to stop this from happening. Now, in the same area the province has allowed the lands to be explored by a mining company without any information shared with concerned and affected members of the Star Lake community.

These old mine locations were cleaned up years ago at I’m sure a great expense to the province. Now they have allowed earth moving machinery to clearcut areas and old trails in the forest for what? Mining Exploration!

I’m so glad that we, cabin owners and park users have a friend like Doug Collicutt who helps to keep us informed on what the province is doing in our back yard.

I hope together we can keep our park safe and beautiful for many years to come.

Thank you, Bert Denouden

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