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Star Lake Cottager's Website

(Under construction: Last update, January 18, 2021)

January 2021 Update

Hope you're all surviving the "covidiocy"!

Stay safe,
Stay patient,
Stay sane!

Summer at Star Lake will be back before you know it!

Welcome to the Star Lake Cottager's Website

Hi, I'm Doug Collicutt. I've been a "Star Laker" most of my life and a cottage owner for nearly 30 years now. is my personal website dedicated to all things about nature in Manitoba. In the wake of Parks's CLISS proposal last fall (see below) I decided to start up a permanent Star Lake website. I want this site to be a permanent archive of all things "Star Lake".

There are a couple of Face Book pages about Star Lake: Star Lake Facebook and Star Lake Cottagers Facebook. (Second one seems to be more active.) These sites let folks post and discuss events and issues in a day-to-day manner, and I encourage folks to take advantage of them. This site, however, will be a more permanent home for basic information about Star Lake and the surrounding region of Whiteshell Provincial Park, as well as a clearinghouse for information regarding events and issues that affect us all as cottagers.

In the wake of Manitoba Parks' "Commercial Light Industry Storage Sites" proposal (Archived at this link)" in the autumn of 2020, and rejected by Star Lake cottagers, it became clear that we need a permanent online presence to learn about, discuss and rally support if needed, regarding proposed development and management issues around Star Lake. We need to stand on guard for our piece of Whiteshell Provincial Park.

Your Input

This site is to be a resource for all Star Lake cottagers. I certainly don't claim to know everything about Star Lake and all the issues that we face. I'm trying to track down all the information available about Star Lake and will post things as I find them. But I want and need your help. If you have information you think should be made available here please send it along.

And when it comes to issues and developments that affect Star Lake please feel free to send in comments and concerns. If you want your thoughts or comments posted here let me know, but I do require that folks give their name and have that listed with their comments or feedback. (No trolls alowed!)

Follow these links for:

Information about Star Lake Events and Issues facing Star Lake

Contact Group

A number of folks have suggested that it would be good to have an email list for contacting other cottagers. A partial list is available, but I'm still looking for feedback on how this should operate; should everyone on the list have all the email addresses or should just a few select individuals have the master list (some people may not want their address out there?). Folks could always email me or one of a select few others and the entire group could then be notified? If you have thoughts on this or if you haven't already joined the Star Lake Cottagers Contact Group, you can send me an email at this link:

Join the Contact Group

Thanks and bye for now, Doug C.

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