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What's Outdoors

With Doug Collicutt

The "What's Outdoors" column was published in the Winnipeg Free Press from October 29, 2000 to September 16, 2001. Yikes, that was a while ago! If you think the Winnipeg Free Press, the Winnipeg Sun or any other local publications ought to be publishing more stuff about nature in Manitoba, other than how to hook it or shoot it, then let them know. I'd love to start writing stuff like this again. Anyone interested? Drop me an Email at:

Pick from the list below or browse from one article to the next.

Monarchs of the Air, Majestic But Frail (Oct. 29, 2000)
Late Snow Fine for Us, Big Trouble for Rabbits (Nov. 5, 2000)
Snowbirds Go Further South than our Geese (Nov. 12, 2000)
Nature Knows the Bear Facts of Survival (Nov. 19, 2000)
Slow Down to Reduce Collisions with Deer (Dec. 3, 2000)
Tracking Can Unlock a Hidden World (Dec. 10, 2000)
Manitoba Squirrels Winterize to Survive (Dec. 17, 2000)
Some Frogs Become "Frog-cicles" (Feb. 4, 2001)
Butterflies are Free . . . or are they? (Feb. 17, 2001)
Animals Possess True Cold-coping Abilities (Mar. 11, 2001)
Tent Caterpillars Creepy, not Harmful (Mar. 18, 2001)
Cool Ways of Coping Below Zero (Mar. 25, 2001)
A "Hoo's Hoo" of Manitoba (Apr. 22, 2001)
Our Prairie Crocus (May 6, 2001)
Deer Mice Dangerous? (May 20, 2001)
Bear Baiting Crosses Ethical Line (Jun. 10, 2001)
Bat Flying in Cabin (Jul. 29, 2001)
Butterfly Infestation (Aug. 12, 2001)
Treefrogs Change Colour (Sep. 16, 2001)

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